Over-The-Knee Boots, sometimes abbreviated as "OTK" boots, are a type of boot commonly worn by women. As showcased by the name, these boots go over a person's knee, and are used for riding horses and performing tasks of other types of rough work. Few companies produce OTK boots for men, but OTK boots specially made for men are not rare. This kind of boot is most commonly worn for casual gatherings, but it is not uncommon to find someone wearing a pair at the workplace.


While typically nowadays, OTK boots are worn by women, they were original created as a men's riding boot. Men would wear these while riding horses. Women began wearing OTK boots while performing principal boy roles in theaters, dressing up in men's clothing.


Typical Prices Materials Types Related
Can range from 30 USD and up Can use PVC (decor) and Leather Work boots, Women's boots, Men's boots Knee-High Boots, Thigh-High Boots


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